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Review: Ticent Ice Cube Trays – A Must-Have for Whiskey and Cocktail Lovers!

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After having the Ticent Ice Cube Trays for a few weeks now, I can confidently say that I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The set comes with 2 silicone trays: Sphere Whiskey Ice Ball Maker and Large Square Ice Cube Mold for cocktails and bourbon. Both of these ice trays are made from BPA free, non-toxic, and food-grade silicone, which is a huge plus for me since I prefer safe and eco-friendly products.


  • Ease of use: These trays are very simple to use – just fill them with water, put the lids on, and freeze! The silicone material allows for easy removal of the ice cubes or spheres without any hassle.
  • Design & Quality: The quality of Ticent ice trays is top-notch. They are flexible, yet sturdy, and I have not experienced any leaks or issues with the lids fitting properly. The ice cubes and spheres come out looking perfect and uniform, adding a touch of sophistication to my drinks!
  • Durability: So far, the trays have held up well and I haven’t seen any signs of wear or tear. I expect them to last a long time, given the silicone material.


  • Size: One thing to take note of is that the large square ice cube mold may be too big for some smaller glasses. However, I found that it’s great for larger tumblers and glasses used for cocktails or bourbon. Just make sure you have the right size glassware to accommodate these larger cubes.

As for the Sphere Whiskey Ice Ball Maker, it is truly a game changer for whiskey enthusiasts! The ice spheres melt slower than traditional cubes, providing the perfect coolness without diluting the flavor of the whiskey. This is something that I’ve really come to appreciate when I want to enjoy my drink to its fullest potential.

Compared to other ice trays in the market, what sets the Ticent Ice Cube Trays apart is their combination of both sphere and square ice molds in one set. Other products may only offer one shape or the other, requiring separate purchases. The Ticent trays offer a greater value and versatility when it comes to choice, matching the type of ice to the beverage you want to enjoy.


  • If you find it challenging to remove the ice cubes or spheres, you can run the trays under warm water for a few seconds to loosen them up.
  • Make sure to wash the trays before your first use, since silicone may sometimes have an odor straight out of the package.

Overall, the Ticent Ice Cube Trays are a wonderful addition to my home bar, and I have no hesitation recommending them to others! If you’re looking to elevate your whiskey and cocktail game, then these ice trays are a must-have!

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