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A Game-Changer for My Kitchen: The Cuisinart 15 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block

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As a passionate home cook and frequent Amazon customer, I recently purchased the Cuisinart 15 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block, Cutlery Set, Hollow Handle, C77SS-15PK and it has been a game-changer in my kitchen. I am thrilled with my investment and want to share my experience for anyone considering purchasing this knife set.

Introduction and Features

The Cuisinart 15 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block is a comprehensive package of high-quality stainless steel knives designed to cater to a wide variety of culinary needs. The set includes an 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 5.5-inch serrated utility knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, 3.5-inch bird’s beak paring knife, 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch sharpening steel, all-purpose household shears, and 6 pieces of 4.5-inch steak knives. Additionally, it comes with an elegant storage block which not only adds a touch of sophistication to my kitchen counter but also helps me keep the knives organized and within easy reach.

Overall Satisfaction

I rate this product a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It has not only enhanced my cutting and chopping experience but also added a touch of elegance to my kitchen.


  • Razor-sharp: The knives come pre-sharpened and ready to use, making slicing, dicing, and chopping a breeze.
  • Comfortable grip: The hollow handles provide a well-balanced grip, minimizing fatigue during long meal-prep sessions.
  • Wide variety: The assortment of knives covers most of my kitchen needs, making it a versatile and valuable addition.
  • Quality material: Made from high-quality stainless steel, these knives have a sleek look and excellent edge retention.
  • Durability: I have found the knives to be reliable and long-lasting so far.


  • Requires frequent honing: As with any sharp knives, they require regular honing to maintain their sharpness, but the included honing steel makes it easy.
  • Hand wash recommended: The manufacturer recommends hand washing the knives, which can be less convenient than throwing them in the dishwasher.

Helpful Tips

While using this set, I have found a few tips that may be helpful to potential buyers:

  1. Always hand wash and dry your knives immediately after use to prevent any staining or corrosion.
  2. Use the sharpening steel at a 20-degree angle between the knife and steel to maintain optimal sharpness.
  3. Store the knives in the provided block to prevent them from accidentally getting nicked or scratched in a drawer.


In comparison to other knife sets in the market, such as the J.A. Henckels International Classic Knife Set or the Mercer Culinary Genesis Knife Set, I found the Cuisinart 15 Piece Kitchen Knife Set to be more affordable without compromising quality and performance. While the J.A. Henckels set features a forged construction and the Mercer set comes with a glass storage block, the Cuisinart’s hollow handle design, wide variety of knives, and durability still make it a strong contender for the price point.

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